Saturday, 28 May 2016

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, as the world is full of this surveillance beauty capturing things with some purpose.

With the increasing product range available in the marketplace, and technology constantly improving to provide great performance, reliability and functionality, that meet the requirements for the job, understanding the many variables within CCTV camera technology available at us today helps you in making the right choice.
There are many factors that come in its operation like the technical specification, the application and any physical constraints, required.
Converting light into an electrical signal is a CCTV camera technology called Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensor. The camera electronics processes the electrical signal and converts to a video signal output which is either recorded or displayed on to a monitor. The video signal is depended on the type of camera which may be divided into: analogue or digital versions, which further are divided into medium resolution monochrome, medium resolution colour, high resolution monochrome, high resolution colour, day/night cameras that provide colour in the day and monochrome at night.

The Monochrome or Colour Cameras, where Colour Camera offers Infra Red (IR) sensitivity meaning your image to appear in black and white that are capable of giving higher detail images and sensitivity than would otherwise be possible with color.

Colour cameras with premium in price as compared with monochrome cameras are also less sensitive unless good lighting is available during night, but is easier to recall better, when things appear in colour.
Producing good quality images at an affordable price are the work of analogue cameras, but post the introduction of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) the flexibility in security cameras has increased enhancing the quality of the colour images produced. The DSP comes in standard and premium category that offer more picture quality than the analogue cameras and function in various conditions. In the Premium segment there are functions available like Video Motion Detection, remote set up and control using a serial data link, built in character generator having on screen menus. Standard DSP cameras are used in certain situations too.

CCD chips what the Surveillance Cameras use, gives the highest sensitive and resolution image due to the reason that they are able to gather more light. They have brothers, of half-inch, quarter, third inch size with cost, performances:
Quarter-inch cameras available at a low cost and not so good performance,
Half-inch give premium performance but are more expensive,

Third-inch cameras are of mid level cost and are used too much in today's' market.


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