Friday, 22 July 2016

On your GPS, Change Your Life

Before arrival of Google Navigation, just like the globe, Google Earth was a digital model of the earth. No one had imagined that there would be a system that will search them their location and navigate them to the destination. But with the use of Satellites and image processing, developer created a system that can track the existence of the device called GPS. You should not wonder if you’re having Smartphone which can track your position and navigate you to the direction where you want to go because your Smartphone has an embedded GPS tracker than sends the signals to satellite from your navigation and through internet satellite give you the information of your position. So it’s not a magical process. Here we’ve used science principles and technology to generate this system.

Light, waves, computer codes and logics make everything look like magic. Now don’t blame mathematics and science if they don’t let you master them.

The Purpose of this system was to track the location and give you information regarding your location. Today, our systems are not smart enough that they can track all the information of the location at same time; they are not reliable as a man. But after the implementation of Artificial Intelligence model everyone is daydreaming about the system that Tony Stark has in Iron Man Movie.

But, still we can find the nearest restaurants, pubs, bars, shopping malls and places. Although, developer are working on the traffic Navigation but it’s not that reliable, because still we need a man behind this operation.

But, still we have this service that has the changed the life of almost every individual who is using it. Now we don’t need to ask the address of particular location if we are using navigation. We get the alert of traffic, shortest route to the destination and information of local places. So, the man has freed from being asking someone about something. We are making successful in searching the things that has been stealing and losing. So, in my opinion this is the revolutionary change in the history of technology.

So, next time don’t forget this wonderful technology if you don’t want to lost or lose something (only your digital things, not your girlfriend).

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